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Default Adding Trailer Backup Camera to '13 FX4 with existing tailgate camera

I have a 2013 FX4 SCrew with the MyFordTouch 8Ē screen and backup camera, and I have a 30 foot travel trailer. I want to add a backup camera to the back of the trailer. Due to the length of the trailer + the truck, I donít want to go with a wireless unit because Iíve read about range issues with the wireless models.

Iíd rather avoid pulling any new wiring through the truck, and using the built in screen seems more convenient than mounting a new screen that is probably smaller and lower resolution. Iím thinking that Iíll buy a third party camera and wire it to a harness/pigtail that matches the harness used by the tailgate camera. Then Iíll just swap the connections as needed (plug/unplug).

Iím trying to keep it as simple (and cheap) as possible so something like Lockpick is overkill.

Iíve found some forums covering similar topics, but not one that is quite what Iím looking at. If anyone could provide feedback on my plans it would be appreciated.

Starting at the rear of the truck:

1. This is the harness that I believe plugs into the tailgate camera at one end, and into a primary wiring harness under the truck by the spare tire at the other end. (BL3Z-14A411-A)
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The camera end looks like this:

The truck end looks like this:

The end that goes to the truck looks a lot like pigtail WPT-758 (Service#: 3U2Z-14S411-FEAA):

First questions: Is that the right pigtail and am I better off buying and cutting the harness or buying the pigtail. One problem is that Iím not positive that that pigtail is the right one and I wonít know until I order one (that part comes up as a connector for rear lights/signals). Iím 99% sure that the harness is the right one, but it seems like a waste to have to cut it.

2. Next, the wiring from the camera harness to the back of the trailer. I probably want to buy about 50í of wiring, and I believe that I need four wires.
- is it four wires that I need?
- recommendations for type, gauge, waterproofness, etc?

3. Pinouts. Depending on which camera I go for, Iíll need to figure out the pin-outs. From reading through other forums, I believe that I need to make sure that the camera is 12V and that there will typically be a power cable and a video cable, both with two wires.

Is that correct (i.e. 2 video wires and 2 electrical wires) from the camera?

Iíve found a number of pictures for pin-outs of the Ford OEM camera, both ends of the camera harness and the truck harness that the camera harness plugs into. The problem is that they donít all agree and Iím not sure which matches my 2013 FX4 SCrew. examples:

Does anyone know the pin-outs for both ends of the camera harness for the 2013 FX4?

4. Camera. Any thoughts on a good camera to use? If I go third party (e.g. ebay or Amazon) then I donít want anything very expensive ($30 - $40). Should it have alignment guides or not? Night vision? Resolution?

Alternatively, if I go with a Ford OEM camera I donít have to mess with pinouts (except to cut the harness and splice in 40í of wiring) and I already know what the picture quality will be and how it will work with the existing system. The downside will be that I need to figure out good way to mount it on the trailer. According to the FordParts site, the camera + housing/bezel would be about $160.
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So, third party (harder to wire/pinouts, easier to mount, cheaper, night vision) or OEM camera (100% compatible, easy wiring, harder to mount)?

Also, does anyone know why lists the camera + bezel + harness + screws/clips for a total of about $210, but most online sites list the package for $300 - $400?

Thanks for any help.
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